A Letter From Alannah …

Ruth will always be remembered by her generous heart, kind words, selflessness, big smile and warm hugs. She was my best friend and the best Mother I could have ever had. I will always unconditionally love and honor her memory.

She was loved by family and friends and will be sorely missed.  Ruth’s loves were God, family, friends, and community.

Born in Goodland, Kansas her parents Wilford Emory Hall and Mary Blanche Hall bore Ruth and 6 other children: Ella (deceased), Louis, Clarence, Mary, Bessie (deceased), and Sue.

They all moved to Fairfield, CA when the youngest Sue was only a baby and Mama, the next to oldest, was a preteen. She loved to be outside with her brothers and as she got older, she loved to dance and interact socially!

She graduated from Armijo High School at 17 and married my father, George Saltzman. He was in the Air Force and shortly after Gary was born in Taft, CA. Four and one half years later the family was stationed in Japan and I was born. We all came back to Fairfield and then we moved to Texas till my father died in 1957. During that time my Mom worked as a private secretary for a big wig at El Paso Gas. I used to take the bus from vacation Bible school to her office and share lunch and a movie with her. She was always there for me and we always had fun!

After 1957 Mama, Gary and I moved back to Fairfield where most of Mama’s sisters and brothers lived.  There she worked at Travis Air Force Base (TAFB) as a stenographer in the hospitals commanders’ office, for about 25 years, taking a couple of years to work at a private doctor’s office.  At TAFB she and Jean (co-worker and friend) greeted everyone that came into the commanders’ office, TAFB.

She loved people and would always choose being with someone, at church, work, dancing, golfing, or bowling, over sitting quietly reading a book, (though she did like reading the Bible and novels late at night).

In the mid sixties Ruth married Reuben (deceased) and was mother by marriage to four young girls and a boy. She always loved them like they were hers and always thought of them fondly as they grew up. Sue, Barb, Sarah and Abbie now have their own children. Barb‘s children, Kyle and Briana kept in touch with Mama till recently. Sarah has one child Norie. And Abbie‘s children are named Cameron and Kyla. Morris is presently a single man.

Gary (deceased) has three children: Sandi; Jacob; and Rhiannon. Sandi’s children are Gina and Gary. Jacob has no children. Rhiannon’s children are Ruby, Trevor, Sonia, Andrew and Jacob.

I have two children, Eryk and Kali which she helped me  raise  till we moved to Seattle in the early nineties.   

She deeply loved her children, all the grand children and great-grand children and had special memories about each.

(Did I mention she loved to dance?  In fact her last dance was Christmas 2009.)

Before and after she retired she was single again. Of course she really went all out dancing, golfing, bowling, and even took a few college courses. (ex. – creative writing and she got and A). Then she met the man of her dreams, Joe.  He finally convinced her to marry him and after three proposals she did!  He had one grown daughter Jeanne (deceased) that Mama was very fond of also.  Joe and my Mom were very happy in Leisure Town, (now Merrill Gardens), participating in many events there, till his passing in 2005
She spent the last five years with my husband Carl and me. During that time I was always taking her to dances, church and exercise. She always wanted to ‘GO’, no matter where it was.  She didn’t really slow down till April, 2010.  She was never in pain and was able to do everything till her last day. That day she was very aware of everyone and everything around her. She smiled, gave me a little hug, patted me on the back, and that was the last time I saw her. She left quietly and peacefully. God bless her!

Mama attended church at the Community United Methodist Church for most of her adult life and often volunteered there.  A small private service was held here in Fresno.

This ‘Memorial’ is for all of you who loved her so much!  I hope this gives you a venue to express your thoughts and stories and give you closure!

In lieu of flowers please send any donations “In Ruth’s Memory” to: CUMC, 1875 Fairfield Ave, Fairfield, CA 93702

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